Moxie 1.6

As the holidays approach, our elves have been working hard to deliver the item at the top of everyone’s wish list: Moxie 1.6! This release includes several new features:

Support for Cameo 2021x

We have added support for Cameo 2021x, while maintaining backward compatibility for Cameo 19.0. After you install Moxie, you can find the Cameo plugin file in \plugin\

Do behaviors

Moxie executes SysML state machines, which define behaviors for system and environment interactions. Previous versions of Moxie enabled you to specify transition effects and state entry and exit behaviors. With Moxie 1.6, you can now specify do behaviors in your state machines.

Unlike an entry or exit behavior, a do behavior is non-atomic and can be interrupted by a new event. A do behavior begins executing immediately after a state's entry behavior and continues to execute until it's interrupted or terminates on its own. The sample below shows all three of these behaviors being modeled for a Moxie simulation. If you’re curious about how these behaviors would execute, check out the full example in the Moxie Help.

Runtime instance creation

Moxie now provides a Delegate Instance Manager that enables you to create new delegate instances mid-simulation. This feature is indispensable for large scale simulations with many similar objects, such as analyzing satellite constellations or running force-on-force simulations. The example delegate below creates a new instance with initialized slots and a custom stereotype.

And more

But those are just the highlights of what’s included in Moxie 1.6! For a complete list of new features and changes, check out the Moxie release notes.

Behavior Execution Engine

Simulate behaviors of STK objects.