Digital modeling, simulation, and analysis to incorporate the operational environment and evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of the life cycle.

Whether your mission is national defense, scientific exploration, or smart city infrastructure, the engineering processes you use, the systems you design and operate, and the missions themselves have become much more complex. And you need to deliver them faster, without sacrificing capabilities or increasing costs.

By adopting a digital mission engineering (DME) approach, aerospace and defense professionals can use digital engineering tools at the mission level, creating a persistent digital thread throughout the entire product or system life cycle.

Digital Mission Engineering

  • Using digital modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • Incorporating a physics-based operational environment
  • Evaluating operational effectiveness of systems against mission goals
  • Applying these techniques throughout the complete engineering and operational life cycle

DME Today

  • Integrate Design Reference Mission models
  • Design with executable architectures
  • Test and evaluation at every life cycle phase
  • Accelerate operations with validated digital twins
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DME Events

The Digital Design Reference Mission (DRM)

On-demand webinar explaining how to combine descriptive and physics-based models to create a design reference mission.

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DME Training Series

Access recordings and files for each of three training sessions in the Digital Mission Engineering (DME) virtual training series.

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