Simulating Attacks from North Korea

With the increasing threats from North Korea, and specifically with the threat on Guam, I wanted to let everyone know how quick and easy it is to model these threats with STK (free and paid), so I created an FAQ with the steps that take less than five minutes to complete.

Test them out yourself by downloading STK for free, or even right from our website using the new STK Cloud trial!

For STK free users, and those without access to paid modules, there’s a ton of capability at your fingertips as I highlighted in a previous blog, so continue to add to this scenario. Try inserting a sensor dome on Guam that simulates a radar’s range, adding a ship off the coast or varying the impact location. You can even export to Cesium.

For those that need to go even deeper, they can leverage STK’s add-on modules to add to this scenario:
  • Use STK Pro to model advanced sensors
  • Use STK EOIR to model the EOIR performance of your sensors
  • Use STK Radar to look at PDet / SNR based on aspect dependent radar cross section
  • Use STK Missile Tool Kit to generate higher fidelity missile fly-outs and analyze interceptors
For a completed scenario, check out our Missile Defense example, which I discussed in a previous blog

For a complete overview of AGI capabilities for missile defense, check out our capability videos and case studies.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how AGI can help.


The foundation for analyzing and visualizing complex systems in the context of their missions.


Model and analyze radar systems.

STK Missile Tool Kit

Simulate powered missile trajectories, intercept engagements, and defense system performance.