Elevating Your Proximity Operations

Related webinar: Elevating Your Proximity Operations. 18 July, 3:00 pm EDT

Satellite missions today are often more complex, may involve rendezvous or close formation flying, and are happening in a more crowed environment than in the past. Recent international interest in relative orbits (proximity operations) reflect this increasing complexity:

  • Cooperation. Cooperative survey, servicing, and re-fueling missions all require a rendezvous and proximity operation. 
  • Cost Reduction. Close-in formation flying constellations can perform a variety of missions with cost reduction over the traditional large complex space systems of today. 
  • Threats. Space threats to individual satellites may be the result of an adversary performing proximity operations in order to survey, intercept signals, or other hostile actions. 

Using simple planning tools for these complex operations may be costing operators mission capability and money. 
AGI’s Astrogator is well-suited to plan for many types of rendezvous and proximity operations, including: 

  • Rendezvous: Minimum fuel, standard GEO to GEO, safety approaches, etc., valid for any orbit regime 
  • Natural Motion proximity operations: VBar offset, circumnav, spiral flyby, etc, 
  • Forced Motion proximity operations: circumnav, sun following, tear drop, waypoints, perch, hop, etc. 

In addition, Astrogator can be used to plan the entire proximity operations mission from rendezvous, to proximity operation, to exit. 

Please join Doug Cather, Space Operations Technical Director at AGI for a webinar discussing proximity operations:18 July from 3:00-4:00 EDT. 

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