Space situational awareness in an off-the-shelf, enterprise package.

The SSA Software Suite (SSS) — provided by our business partner, COMSPOC — is a comprehensive Space Operations Center (SpOC) software solution in a services oriented architecture. This architecture is designed for scalability, reliable performance, full-database integration, secure operations, and web-based user interactions.

SSS is used operationally to support worldwide space operations.

Image from SSA ASAT Intercept, SSA ASAT Intercept

Use cases

  • Maintain space object custody throughout maneuvers.
  • Detect and characterize maneuvers.
  • Ensure safety of flight through conjunction analysis.
  • Reconcile catalogs through Un-Correlated Track Processing (UCT).


  • Tailored operational picture and alert dashboards.
  • Highly automated with near real-time processing.
  • Suitable for any number of RSOs including full catalog maintenance on 200,000 objects or more.
  • Supports operational observations and simulated observations from capabilities like the Space Event Generator (SEG).