How to create an Area Target from a list of coordinates

STK is a great product. I’d say what makes it even better and more valuable is the ease of use and flexibility provided by the STK architecture. The flexibility is represented by the open environment that enables you import to and seamlessly use your custom data in STK.

Many of you use Microsoft Excel to collect your data. With STK, you can  import your data from an Excel spreadsheet into STK and use it for your mission analysis. The following describes how to use an HTML utility to generate an Area Target in STK from a list of coordinates contained in a Microsoft Excel file.

Below is a snapshot of the HTML utility. To create an Area Target, simply select a csv file, assign a name to the new Area Target, and click the Create AreaTarget button.The tool will do the rest.

Et voila’! It was easy, right?

Check out the HTML Utility!


Roberto Gemma

Roberto manages the international application engineering team.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Modeling and simulation software for digital mission engineering and systems analysis.