Excel with Excel . . . and STK

I hate to admit it, but I am far more proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel than I ever hoped to be.  I can no longer say that STK is my go-to application.  I guess that’s what happens when you leave the engineering ranks and become a manager. But I still need to build reports, presentations and graphics that take advantage of the great STK work of others.  If you are in a similar situation, or if you are like me and can’t make sense of data unless you see it in a spreadsheet, then you are in luck.  With the STK Excel Add-in, you can do a lot of STK analysis without ever leaving Excel.  In fact, you can even upload Excel calculations into STK for extended analyses. 

You can get the STK Excel Add-in from the downloads page.  If you are comfortable using Excel, then you will feel right at home using the STK add-in.  It is driven from a toolbar and essentially gives you access to all STK calculations.  That includes unique calculations that STK analysts might build using the Analysis Workbench.  Also, be sure to check out the AGI FAQ system for an illustration of the use of the STK Excel Add-in, which shows you how easy it is to produce results like those shown below.

The STK Excel Add-in is an out-of-the-box capability.  If you are among the Excel elite who write their own macros, VBA libraries and user forms, then be sure to review AGI’s training on integrating Excel with STK using VBA.

Happy computing!


Systems Tool Kit (STK)

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