How can I perform search and track using Multifunction Radar?

In STK, the Multifunction Radar object is used to perform Search and Track by making use of multiple beams to point the Radar Antenna. You can use Analysis Workbench to switch radar beams using custom time intervals.

  1. To build the sensors, review the prior blog, How Can I Perform Search and Track Using the Same Sensor?.
  2. Create a Radar object on the Place Object and set the Type to Multifunction. Create two beams: 1) Search and 2) Track.
  1. Define the Search Beam Pointing Type as Spinning:
  1. Define the Track Beam Pointing as Targeted towards the Target Aircraft.
  1. Use the Range driven Waveform Strategy for the Track Beam Waveforms.
  1. Define a Multifunction Radar Search/Track constraint on the Radar that is the minimum performance threshold for detecting the target.
  1. Import the Sensor to Target access interval list as the Time Intervals for the Track Beam Active Times.
  1. Use the Time Component of the Analysis Workbench to create a Custom Interval List on the Place Object of type ‘Merged’ consisting of the object availability MINUS the access interval list, which will allow the Radar Antenna to scan when not tracking.
  1. Import the Merged interval list as the Time Intervals for the Search Beam Active Times.
  1. Perform Radar Analysis and generate reports and graphs as desired.

Track Beam with Long Range Rectangular Waveform

Track Beam with Medium Range Rectangular Waveform

Track Beam with Short Range Rectangular Waveform

Analysis Workbench

Create custom functions and calculations relative to times, positions, and reference frames.