If – Else Vector

There are a number of features in STK that don’t quite get the love they deserve and the Scheduled Vector is definitely one of them. Do you ever need a vector to point in different directions depending on some condition? For example:

  • Point your sensor in a certain direction except when the Sun comes within x degree of the sensor boresight.
  • Point your satellite solar panels at the Sun except when in umbra, then point them parallel to the velocity vector to reduce drag.

Back in the dark ages (before STK11), this required you to write a vector plugin, but can now easily be built in the GUI. Below is an example of a sensor on an aircraft that points towards nadir and can gimbal up to 25 degrees. So when the bank angle is < 25 degrees, the sensor points towards nadir. When the bank angle gets > 25 degrees, the sensor points at 25 degrees towards nadir.


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