Licenses? Trouble? Don’t fear. Help is here!

Anybody who has installed and used STK has probably had a licensing question at one point or another. Even though we try to make it easy, with all of the different license types and various user locations, inevitably people run into trouble. When this happens, users might try to troubleshoot on their own, or they might call AGI’s technical support team. If we get a call into support, we track what users are asking and where they are running into trouble. When the same question gets asked over and over again, we aim to improve the process or we take the time to write an FAQ so that users can find the answer, and we can at least point people to a solution.

Since licensing questions are common, and it’s not always possible for somebody to go online to our FAQ system to troubleshoot, we decided it was a good idea to make this information as readily available as possible. I’m sure you’re wondering how. Well, we put the information into the STK Help of course! We consolidated the existing material in the help and in the FAQs, and created a new book in the help dedicated to Licensing.

As you hopefully know, the STK Help is available not only online but is also installed locally with STK so if you’re not connected to the internet you still have access to it as a resource. That means that users having trouble with licensing, even in a closed environment, now have useful information to help them solve the issues they’re running into right at the tips of their fingers!

The new Licensing section of the Help covers everything from describing the different license types to explaining how to get a license (whether free or paid) to installing the license files themselves. It also includes detailed instructions for network licenses (the type that seems to cause the most confusion!) on managing licenses, borrowing and excluding licenses, and even how to gain access through your network firewall to connect to a network license server.

If we haven’t won you over yet with all the useful information that is now readily accessible to everybody, I have to tell you about my favorite part – drum roll please – the licensing troubleshooting guide! That’s right, we actually pulled out the most frequently asked questions and answers and added them right into the help in the same section that you would go to for everything else licensing related.

Now you are fully educated on all the insightful and useful licensing information we have made available to you and how to find it. Go check it out, share it with colleagues and friends, and if you run into further trouble or something we didn’t cover, let us know and we’ll try to get it in there!


Systems Tool Kit (STK)

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