Reuse and share STK components

Have you ever wondered how to share components built in the STK Component Browser with other users or between scenarios? Well, wonder no more.

To easily create and reuse a component in STK: 

  1. Access the Component Browser from the Utilities->Component Browser menu. 

  1. Select a component and click the Duplicate… button to duplicate it.

  2. Double-click the duplicated component to edit it, and then save it.
  1. Use the Export… button  to export your component to a file that can be loaded (via the Load… button) into another scenario or shared with another user.

In the following example, I created a multibeam transmitter model and added 18 beams with varying antenna orientations to it, as shown in the following two images.


I then clicked Export… to save the component as a Transmitter file, as shown below..

Lastly, I clicked the Load… button in the Component Browser of another scenario to load in my 18-beam Transmitter model.

The transmitter model in this example shows up as a Transmitter Type.


Thus, a library of prebuilt components can be stored and shared among scenarios and users.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

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