Systems Tool Kit – Because we model more than just satellites

Did you know that STK is now Systems Tool Kit? Just modeling satellites is so 1989, and we model air, sea, land and space systems too. It was time to make the change. From Electronic Warfare to Missile Defense, STK can model all of the assets involved in your complex, critical systems. Why is that important? Because modeling one element of a particular system is great. But what happens when you want to model all system elements to see the impact they have on the entire mission? Or what about modeling a system of systems? You need STK. STK allows you to bring in important elements like GIS data, terrain and imagery, combine it with aircraft routes and communications systems links and then add interference such as jamming or atmospheric weather effects. All in a single piece of software; all right from your desktop. It’s true STK has been a systems tool kit since the 90’s. We’re making it official.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Modeling and simulation software for digital mission engineering and systems analysis.