Think STK Transmitters & Receivers are not enough?

Think again.
You can extend STK with various types of scripts. In this particular case, we are going to take a look at how you can model a frequency hopping strategy for your transmitter.

Usually in STK, you can specify a main carrier frequency that is used for your transmission, but we all know there are various reasons to choose to hop among different frequencies; one  example is the possibility to be jammed or to suffer from interference effects.

The way to approach this kind of limitation is to extend STK, which enables you to get more out of STK, by using a script plugin. Click here to learn more about Comm script plugins..

Below are some code snippets about how to implement it using a MATLAB script: First of all, you need to specify the function, and use the same name for the file itself, Matlab_TransmitterModel_freqHop.m:

function [output] = Matlab_TransmitterModel_freqHop(input)

then there need to be a

case ‘register’

portion in which we register the input and output variables:

and a

case ‘compute’

in which we are actually computing our analysis:

In this script example, notice that we have specified an array of frequencies that will be used for this computation and a sequence in which these frequencies are going to be used, based on the time step of the analysis utilized in STK.


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