We are excited to announce that AGI’s Educational Alliance Program's (EAP) is integrating with the Ansys Academic Partner Program. Now you can go to one place for all your simulation software needs. Here's what you need to know.

STK Licenses

We have simplified the product licenses in the Ansys Academic Program to one STK Enterprise license that includes all the air-based, space-based, and multidomain capabilities in STK. Ansys Academic product bundles include commercially available products priced for academic budgets. 

The following academic teaching products are available: 

  • Ansys Academic STK Teaching (5 Tasks)
  • Ansys Academic STK Teaching (25 Tasks) 
  • Ansys Academic STK Teaching (50 Tasks) 

The task count is the number of students and educators who can use STK simultaneously.


Our educational users will have access to the current version of STK Enterprise. 

License Term 

Your new license will start August 1, 2023 and expire July 31, 2024. If you need to add additional tasks for increased usage during your term, please contact the Ansys Academic Program team and we’ll be glad to help. 

License Hosting 

Each institution in the Ansys Academic Program has an Ansys Support Coordinator, who can download the license file from the Ansys Customer Portal. The coordinator can then make the licenses available to educators and students via a university system like other Ansys software. To enable this, we will need network information. Network information can be provided during your renewal process or before you download your license keys. 

Enroll in Ansys Academics

If you are interested in teaching with Ansys STK please visit the educator page of the Ansys Academic Program to learn more and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be contacted.