AGI's services partners provide custom services to integrate or augment our software.

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NextGen Federal Systems

NextGen is an innovative information technology and professional services provider specializing in advanced software solutions as well as comprehensive mission and business support services. NextGen provides customization of AGI technology, utilizing a mixed model of mission services and software development in support of C4ISR critical systems

Riverside Research

Riverside Research, an independent, not-for-profit research company, provides technical support to government and public clients. Their Modeling & Application Development Laboratory develops prototype automation for advanced decision aid applications for mission planning, collection visualization, and threat analysis. The MAD Lab utilizes STK to implement specialized analysis tools. Riverside Research also develops STEM curriculum using interactive STK visualizations.

Space Exploration Engineering

SEE are experienced aerospace professionals with a passion for flying spacecraft and exploring space. They have extensive backgrounds, specializing in cislunar, lunar, and deep space missions. SEE designed, planned, analyzed, and operated a variety of government and commercial satellite missions. With the skills to dive deep and analyze the technical issues, and to develop solutions, SEE use their experience to help space concepts become reality.

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Strategic Partners

AGI's strategic partners offer technology or products that complement our software, offering expanded functionality for our customers.

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Technology Partners

AGI's technology partners provide specialized tools that extend the functionality of our software.

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