AGI's technology partners provide specialized tools that extend the functionality of our software.

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Through a CRADA between AFRL and AER, AER contributed to the technical foundation of STK’s Space Environment and Effects (STK SEET) capability. AER’s interdisciplinary expertise encompasses the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, space, and the planets. AER’s Space Weather Division provides data assimilative model development, integration, and validation for a broad range of space weather nowcast/forecast applications to assess environmental impacts on satellites, sensors, and other assets in space.



Alion produces the Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM) software tool that predicts radio frequency (RF) propagation loss over terrain and seawater for ground-based and airborne transmitters and receivers. The STK TIREM extension enhances STK Communications and STK Radar by enabling users to analyze dynamic RF nodes to simulate the end-to-end system. STK TIREM also models near-field considerations, power density, and field strength equation.


Advanced Solutions Inc. (ASI)

ASI provides space flight and simulation software to enable rapid and reliable mission success. Our MAX Flight Software has over 100 years of on-orbit experience on numerous platforms, bringing immediate maturity to spacecraft programs. STK SOLIS provides spacecraft simulation, commanding, and control for all major spacecraft subsystems within the STK environment via a desktop version of MAX Flight Software - allowing users to rapidly configure and simulate almost any type of spacecraft design.


Orbit Logic

Orbit Logic specializes in mission planning, scheduling, and space situational awareness software. Orbit Logic's operationally proven software products create better plans faster with fewer resources, more insight, and less risk. Their highly configurable desktop, web, mobile, and onboard software supports analysis and operations for domains including aerial/satellite imaging and space/ground networking. Orbit Logic developed and maintains STK Scheduler, an STK specialized extension.

See STK Scheduler


Photon Research Associates, Inc. (PRA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon, developed the Radar Advanced Environment (RAE) extension to STK. This capability extends the modeling functionality of STK's Radar capability to account for range and Doppler ambiguities, mainlobe and sidelobe clutter, geo-spatial clutter maps, multiple waveforms and target detection in clutter.


Remcom's products are used by EM professionals in a wide variety of markets and applications, including antenna design, bio/EM effects, microwave circuits, photonics, ray tracing, wireless communication, EMC/EMI, and many more. The Urban Propagation (UPROP) extension to the STK Communications module uses Remcom's Wireless InSite product to perform path loss predictions in urban environments.



SAIC provides full life-cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets. SAIC Huntsville has long supported the missile defense community dating back to their development of the then industry-standard missile modeling program, STAMP (Strategic Theater Attack Modeling Process), under the sponsorship of NAIC (now NASIC). Leveraging this technical foundation, SAIC now develops and maintains all missile modeling tools for STK.

See Missile Tool Kit

SCALABLE Network Technologies

SNT provides network design, modeling and analysis tools, cyber training systems, and engineering support. EXata®/QualNet network simulation platforms extend virtual network models to include mobility of nodes and high-fidelity modeling of radio signal propagation and path-loss from antenna orientation and movement. The STK interface combines network performance evaluation with platform models, wireless link calculations, and visualization to analyze network performance impacts to the mission.

Spec Innovations

For over 25 years, SPEC Innovations has provided innovative solutions to government and commercial programs. Our experts develop and analyze complex systems in markets that include aerospace, defense, and the intelligence community. Innoslate, the first cloud-native model-based systems engineering and program management solution, supports the entire system or product life cycle.

Real-Time Logic, Inc. (RT Logic)

RT Logic supplies signal processing systems for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms. RT Logic’s T400CS Channel Simulator adds realistic hardware-in-the-loop RF signal generation to STK’s vast simulation capabilities. From factory test to flight, from ground data networking to RF links — RT Logic products support the defense and aerospace community.


MÄK software links, simulates, and visualizes the virtual world. MÄK creates tools and toolkits for distributed simulation, and is the maker VR-Link, a toolkit for simulation networking via the DIS and HLA protocols. AGI’s Distributed Simulation (DSim) extension for STK uses VR-Link to make an IEEE-compliant DIS and HLA interface for STK.


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