Growing interest in cislunar space activities

With all the recent lunar activity, there’s been an increase in demand for better intelligence of all the activities in cislunar space, the area between geosynchronous orbit and the moon’s orbit.

According to a recent article on C4ISRNET, “The Pentagon wants to know what its adversaries are up to?in the area immediately beyond geosynchronous orbit, and the Space Development Agency has a plan to deliver.”

Part of that plan is to develop a deterrence layer focused specifically on cislunar space. Below is a video of a cislunar simulation in STK where a Geosynchronous satellite is tracking another satellite that is traversing cislunar space between Earth and the Earth-Moon L1 libration point: 

STK has a streamlined workflow that makes it very quick and easy to build simulations and run trade studies to evaluate mission effectiveness. In my previous blog, I showed how to design a mission to the Moon in under 5 minutes.

The STK scenario can be downloaded here.

This is a really exciting time to be part of the Aerospace Industry as we look to return to the Moon and beyond, and AGI is here to help. AGI has a long history of helping customers design and operate missions to the Moon, such as ARTEMIS.  See our case study.

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