Quadcopter design and performance analysis over terrain

Towers, buildings, bridges, and other structures require regular maintenance. Drones allow inspectors to perform a preliminary survey, which is used to determine where and what work is required on the structure and if any hazards are present. In combat, drones can be sent to surveil an area prior to sending in troops.

We have a tutorial that can be used by either group to model a drone and the remote control of that drone. In the tutorial, you will use Aviator Pro to launch the drone, ascend a hill, make two inspection passes of the upper half of the communications tower, and return to the launch site.

However, no tutorial would be complete without some analysis so you will use Coverage to determine the effect of the terrain on the ability to communicate with the drone and see if there are any areas where you may not be able to control the drone.

I don’t want to spoil the tutorial for anyone, so head over to the Quadcopter Design and Performance Analysis over Terrain tutorial and see if the terrain can potentially impact your ability to communicate effectively with the drone.

You can also check out Rich's Aviator Pro, Drones, and Falling Into the Vortex Ring State blog, which provides additional insights into using Aviator Pro to design a quadcopter.


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