New application posted on STK Engine Online Showcase

A new demo, called Space Analyst, has been posted on the STK Engine Online Showcase (

Space Analyst Demo on STK Engine Online Showcase

This demo addresses the urgent need to protect space assets, provide heightened space situational awareness and model detailed trajectories and orbits using existing AGI products. It shows how to determine the best satellite constellation to observe the GEO belt, and how to leverage the same constellation for added remote sensing of the Middle East. It uses the same technology as the VDF Sampler application that was made available back in July (see the initial blog post). Basically this is a full trust XBAP deployment over the internet, and as such the first time you access the application we have to follow a few processes (as we are required to ask for a password, and we also need to install a publisher certificate). Note that if the same technology was used on an internal network (intranet), these steps could be simplified. On a side note, we are also looking at other approaches that might make the initial deployment slightly less involved (stay tuned!). A few troubleshooting notes:
  • Make sure that XBAP applications are not being blocked by any proxy/firewall. If that's the case, your only options are to contact your network administrator to allow XBAP applications, or to access the applications from a different network.
  • Internet Explorer is recommended for the best user experience. However, the applications will also work in Firefox if you install the Microsoft .NET Assistant Plugin.
  • If you get an error message "Application Deployment Error" or "Unable to install this application because an application with the same identity is already installed.", try to clear the XBAP cache by running the command:       rundll32 %windir%\system32\dfshim.dll CleanOnlineAppCache

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