NASA Now Using AGI’s Orbit Determination Software In TDRS Constellation Operations

We got great news from NASA recently. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Flight Dynamics Facility switched from using their legacy software to our Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) for the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) constellation. The TDRS constellation is made up of eight geosynchronous communication satellites that operate 22,300 miles above Earth. NASA and other U.S. government agencies use them for communications to and from independent spacecraft including other satellites, balloons, aircraft and the International Space Station. Other NASA missions using ODTK operationally include GLAST, AQUA, AURA, TERRA, TRMM and IBEX. We'll be writing more about this in our upcoming InView.

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)

Process tracking data and generate orbit ephemeris with realistic covariance.