STK Training Classes... For Free??

AGI offers free, yes FREE, training classes! The STK Comprehensive Course is a three-day course that prepares you for working in the STK environment. In the class you get hands on training with one of our engineers. Ask your questions, try new things and get started with STK! If you're new to STK, then this is a great way to get started. This class is designed to get you comfortable and confident in the GUI and demonstrate how you can maneuver your own satellite in orbit or design flight procedures.

Day 1 covers the STK Fundamental Lessons: creating a scenario, inserting and modifying objects, computing access and analyzing the results in reports and graphs, using Connect, and sharing your scenario as a movie or VDF. Days 2 and 3 go over the advanced topics, which include: STK Pro, Analysis Workbench, Coverage, Communication Systems, Radar, Integration, Analyzer, Astrogator, and AdvCat. We even cover the new STK 11 modules to STK 11, Aviator and Volumetrics! After the class you'll be prepared for the STK Certification Exams!

After the 3 day course you can register for the STK Level 1 Certification Exam. You'll receive a two-week license to take the exam at your own pace. Once you've passed Level 1 you'll get your Certification and a STK-Certified polo. Now you are ready for the Master level certification! Register and you'll receive a two week license with all the advanced modules.

Check out the upcoming schedule. In the last few weeks we've had training classes in Chantilly, VA and Greenbelt, MD. People who have no experience in STK, or people who haven’t used it in years are able to get started and get up to date with the newest features in the software! Former attendees have told us how they used their STK knowledge to get more active in their company projects or how they used it to get their new jobs

Join the growing STK community and register today!

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Modeling and simulation software for digital mission engineering and systems analysis.


Design high-fidelity spacecraft trajectories for mission planning and operations.


Model real-world flight operations and aircraft performance.