Scheduler 11.7 now available

This latest version of STK Scheduler includes features that may make your job easier:

  • You can now compare two distinct Schedule files. See the Schedule Comparison Report for more information.
  • Dates can now be displayed in the Day of Year (DOY) format. API commands can also use the DOY format for any date inputs.
  • There's a new load-leveling algorithm. See Load-Leveling Algorithm on the Algorithm Definitions page for details.
  • Chain reports now accept constellation objects as part of the chain.
In addition, the following use cases are new with Scheduler 11.7. These use cases provide examples of how to set up various real world scenarios within STK Scheduler. They also provide some great examples of how to utilize Scheduler Connect commands. 

Download Scheduler from to use it today with  STK 11.7!

To learn more about the product, see the Scheduler Brochure. To learn more about each Scheduler release, see the  Release Notes.


STK Scheduler

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