ODTK 7.0 Release

ODTK 7.0 is a major release with significant improvements in several areas.


With this release, a 64-bit version of ODTK has replaced the 32-bit version. You will experience no significant differences in the overall performance.

New and Improved Reporting Process

To enable you to get the exact outputs you want in a report that is easily exported to a file, we overhauled the report generation process The process now leverages the power of the Python ecosystem., with a combination of HDF5 files and Python scripts. This new process replaces Chrystal Reports.

Note: ODTK now requires a Python installation to support reports. As a convenience, a copy of Anaconda Python is included on the install CD. If Python is not installed, all other ODTK functionality still works and data can be extracted with Exports instead of Reports

Enhanced Finite maneuver Reporting

Finite maneuvers now report the integrated delta-V in a variety of frames. This makes it much easier to calibrate the achieved maneuver relative to the input maneuver.

New Filter options


  • New capability to use an N Plate atmospheric drag model. Included are plate definitions that also expose accelerations scaling parameters, which can be estimated.
  • Now choose to generate CCSDS Orbit Ephemeris Messages (OEM) where the covariance is in a different frame than the ephemeris itself. This option is only available when outputting an OEM.
  • You can now use multiple attitude files (*.a) to specify the attitude of the satellite.

Tracking Data

  • Now supports TDRSS SGSS Tracking Data Messages (TDM). While very similar to CCSDS TDMs, there are some subtle differences to specifically support TDRS and user satellites.
  • Additional optical viewing constraints on Facilities and Tracking Instruments make it easier to simulate typical optical tracking geometries.
    • Target must be lit
    • Space background required
    • Minimum Sun and Moon angle exclusion
    • Maximum solar phase angle
    • Maximum Sun elevation angle  

ODTK 7.0 License Upgrade

ODTK 7.0 is a licensing event that requires a new ODTK 7.0 license.

More Information

For more information on what is included in this release, see ODTK Release Notes.

For information on the ODTK product, see the ODTK Brochure.


Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)

Process tracking data and generate orbit ephemeris with realistic covariance.


Reverse engineer spacecraft maneuvers, and examine and correct observation association problems.