A Digital Mission Environment Dream

Are your dreams of moving to a digital mission environment being held back by your organization’s inability to share, collaborate, and reuse its mountain of proprietary information?

AGI can help make your dream a reality with its on-premises STK Enterprise Data Services (SEDS). You can host the SEDS catalog of services on your organization’s private Enterprise Platform server, which ensures that your proprietary data is protected as well as shared.

The following services in the SEDS catalog enable disparate groups in your organization to work in a collaborative environment:

  • STK Data Federate (SDF). This data management system enables your engineers to share, collaborate, and reuse your STK data across your teams and organizations. SDF provides a central data repository that you can seamlessly use from within STK.
  • Geospatial Content Server (GCS). This service provides shared access to consistent geospatial data. Analysis and presentations of results that are based on the same data will benefit everyone in your organization.
  • Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP). Provides daily updates of EOP data.   

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STK Data Federate (SDF)

Centralize STK data with AGI’s web-based content management system.

Geospatial Content Server (GCS)

Host, process, and serve terrain, imagery, and other heterogeneous 3D data.