New Level 1 STK Fundamentals Classes

At AGI, an Ansys Company, we know STK pretty well. Our engineers have competitions about who can build a particular mission scenario the fastest, with the most extensive results; they’re fierce. Of course, it’s also important to us that our customers know STK, too. With that in mind, we’ve revamped the STK Level 1 Fundamentals Lessons.

The biggest improvement is that we transcribed all the topics and tips we normally teach in an in-person class and out them into these lessons. Take a look!

  • Build Scenarios - Learn how to create a scenario in STK.
    • Set up a new scenario 
    • Understand the STK windows 
    • Understand common tools 
  • Objects and Properties - Learn how to add STK objects to a scenario and modify them.
    • Update STK's databases 
    • Insert and modify objects in your STK scenario 
    • Learn how to choose the best objects for your analysis 
  • Access Report and Graphs - Learn how to compute access between objects and generate reports. 
    • Create accesses between two or more objects 
    • Find and use data providers with the Report and Graph Manager 
    • Build custom reports, generate, and export them. 
  • Movies and Visual Data Files - Learn how to make a movie in STK.
    • Movie making with STK 
    • Creating visual data files 
    • Using STK Viewer 
  • Introduction to Connect - Learn how to send Connect commands in STK. 
    • The Connect command library 
    • Simple Connect commands 
    • The API demo utility 

Are you revved up and ready to go? You can get started with the complete, self-paced L1 course here, or you can join us for an instructor-led class. Got a question? Send us an email or give us a ring, toll free: 1-800-924-7244 or local: 610-981-8888. Happy mission modeling!

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Modeling and simulation software for digital mission engineering and systems analysis.