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Launch yourself to new heights with these Astrogator Lessons

By: Novarah Kazmi

Astrogator is one of our most popular tools and is utilized across the industry. With this in mind, we’re providing more lessons so everyone can get their hands on the tool and learn its capabilities. So if you’ve worked with the tool or you’re just learning, you should take a look at these brand new Astrogator Feature Specific Lessons.

These new lessons cover a range of brand new topics:

Mission Control Sequence and Orbit Targeting

  • Introducing Autosequences: Get comfortable with Autosequences in this Orbital Transfer lesson

Orbit Phasing

  • LEO to GEO Phasing: Properly setup a phasing orbit to target a GEO slot from an inclined LEO orbit.

Orbit Maintenance

  • Maintaining Geo Slot Orbit: In this mission you are going through Station Keeping maneuvers to keep your satellite within a well-defined box

Interplanetary Targeting

  • Mission to Mars: Use the positioning of the planets to find the best launch window, Delta V, C3, and other properties to get to your final destination
  • Mission to Sun-Earth L1: Lagrangian (or Libration) points are gravitationally unique locations in space. In this lesson you will launch to L1 and really see how unstable it can be!


  • STK Automation - Launch Window Calculator: Use the calculator to find the best time to launch a satellite by defining your launch site and window.
  • STK Automation - Orbit Transfers: Use a VB script macro to drive the Mission Control Sequence of your satellite’s orbit transfer maneuver.

The completed scenarios are available on request, just ask for additional information. Curious to learn more? Then check out the Astrogator lessons or learn more about the other STK tools on our tutorial page.

If you would like a classroom training, we have an upcoming three-day Astrogator training in two different locations (Colorado,and Virginia). The class will be taught by our Astrogator experts and the material is brand new and not available online. Space is limited, register today!


Posted: 4/3/2017 3:34:57 PM