STK in your browser.

STK Cloud provides browser-based access to Systems Tool Kit (STK) from any computer with internet access. All you need is an account and an HTML5-compatible web browser that allows web-socket connections.

STK Cloud provides the same analysis and visualization features as the desktop version of STK, except for its external integration and automation functions. It can also include STK’s separately licensed analysis modules.

While you’re working with STK Cloud, use AGI’s STK Data Federate (SDF) to save your scenarios, models, and other files so that they’re available wherever you go, on any computer.

Use cases

  • Computers with the Linux or MacOS operating systems or that don’t meet the system requirements for the desktop installation of STK.
  • Teams that need to collaborate on a scenario in real time.
  • Teaching with STK, since you don’t have to worry about whether your students have the software installed and licensed on their individual computers.


  • Portability — STK and all your data are available to you from any computer.
  • Synchronization — everyone in your group is always using the same version of STK.
  • No Maintenance — there’s no need to install software and licenses.

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