Get to know the improved Orbit Tuner

Do you know that you can use the STK Orbit Tuner to quickly change the value of the orbital elements, and then see the orbit update in the STK 3D Graphics Window?  With the improved Orbit Tuner, you can still do that and even more, such as:

  • Change all six orbital elements for five coordinate types: Cartesian ICRF, Classical, Equinoctial, Mixed Spherical and Spherical.
  • Show the Classical orbital elements as vectors in the 3D Graphics Window.
  • Easily update orbits in real-time by moving sliders to the desired value.
  • Enter exact orbital element values.
  • The Orbit Tuner is now registry free, so you just need to copy the file into the appropriate folder. No need to register it. 

How the Orbit Tuner can help

The Orbit Tuner can help in the following ways:

Educational Tool 

The Orbit Tuner is used within the Educational Alliance Program as a learning tool for students. The vector visualization feature helps students understand what each of the orbital elements are and what they physically represent. Since angles and vectors can be shown in the 3D Graphics Window, it’s easy to see how they change as the orbital elements are adjusted. 

Scenario Development

The Orbit Tuner can help you quickly develop a scenario since it is a fast way to change orbits. The adjusted orbit updates in real time, allowing you to change all elements rather than a select few - such as in the Orbit Wizard.      ‚Äč

Installing the Orbit Tuner

To install the Orbit Tuner, download it from the GitHub repository.

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