Learn how to model defense systems in STK

In light of recent events involving the possibility of North Korea carrying out a medium range ballistic missile test, we thought we should share how you can model a defense system in STK to detect and track such a threat. We'll be looking not only at the geometric representation of a sensor for a defense system, but  the radar as well. Knowing if your radar can actually track a threat and how long it can track it is vital for understanding your defense system performance. We'll show you how to model that radar (based on open source information) and how to run the reports necessary to determine if your radar can actually track a threat and for how long. Join me and support engineer Luis Montano on Thursday, April 11 at 11:45 a.m. EDT. for this exciting (and timely) "Do It Yourself" online demo. Register now:

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Simulate powered missile trajectories, intercept engagements, and defense system performance.


Model and analyze radar systems.

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