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I mentioned the other day that we'll be at I/ITSEC in Orlando next week. You might be thinking you've seen everything we can do but ... you haven't! We will be showing something new that we're working on with VT MÄK specifically for the distributed simulation community. We're calling it AGI SMART. Essentially it is an analysis server that has an associated 3D visualization client that will allow you to bring AGI analysis into your simulations. We have consistently heard that our users want to use AGI products in distributed simulations. In the current form factor, they're limited with what they can do through the networking protocols in STK in real time. AGI SMART addresses these issues. It will provide three core capabilities at first, with the goal of expanding to do more. The initial functionality will include navigation accuracy, sensor performance and communication links and jammer modeling. This means that all those times you said to yourself "I need this UAV sensor to tell my simulation what it can see right now and let it know when I can't see it anymore" can actually happen. And not only can it happen but it will happen in real time in the DIS or HLA protocols! Pretty neat huh?! Just to give you a little more detail, I mentioned AGI SMART consists of an analysis server and a visualization client. We (AGI) are developing the server which is built using AGI Components. We still leverage VT MÄK's VR-Link to handle the protocols (like we do in DSim) but VT MÄK has made some changes to VR-Link to support our analysis. This means we'll be able to support more than just entity state data. VT MÄK is developing the associated visualization client using VR-Vantage. All of the analysis generated by the server can be viewed in 3D, providing a comprehensive tool to help improve the fidelity of your simulation! So eat a lot tomorrow, enjoy your Turkey day and then take a trip to sunny Florida to check out AGI SMART in action. We'll see you in booth #1075 next week!!

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