Protect your space assets with SOTA

Since space has become more accessible, some of our assumptions from years past about space being “safe” no longer seem to hold true. In fact, as space becomes more populated, more threats have emerged. Not only does more space objects mean that space is slowly getting crowded, this also means more strangers are appearing suspiciously close to your satellites. After all, you’d hate to spend all that time and money putting a satellite in orbit, only for someone else to sneak up next to it and destroy it.

Lucky for you, AGI has got you covered!  We have been working hard creating a tool that our clients can use to keep an eye on any threat to their assets. We call it the Space Object Threat Assessment Tool, or SOTA. You may think that sounds like a satisfying soft drink, but in reality it’s a program we hope will quench your thirst for knowledge.

Using SOTA, you will be able to identify potential threats to your assets. These threats can be either through an interception or a rendezvous. SOTA allows you to view one-on-one threats if there is a particularly expensive or otherwise important asset in orbit, or many-on-many if you want to keep an eye on all your space objects.

Want more information? I’ll let Tom Johnson, VP of Engineering, tell you more.


Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA)

Assess satellite risk and vulnerability.