A (simple) Launch Window Calculator

Ever wondered how to insert a satellite in a specified orbit starting from a certain launch pad? It’s a matter of rocket science of course, but using AGI Automation we can make this process fast and painless.


Automation allows users to master STK from any COM compliant external tool; it could be a COTS software like MATLAB or a custom .NET application (like in this case). All the key elements needed to run the scenario are coded and automatically executed any time the code is run.

The Launch Window Calculator is able to generate an Astrogator satellite with a Launch and a Propagate segment. After the definition of the reference orbit to get the launch pad in position, some basic math is applied behind the scenes to get a first guess of the main MCS (Mission Control Sequence) parameters. Three different Differential Correctors are then run in a row to match the intended Semimajor Axis, inclination and RAAN.

Download the Launch Window Calculator to get started! Need instructions?

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