New Lambert Solver design tool is just the start

While Astrogator is itself an interactive trajectory design environment, some lower-fidelity approaches for generating initial mission control sequences deserve their own tools. Some such capabilities are possible with the powerful sequence and search-profile scripting tools.

But what if the operation you are trying to achieve is, for whatever reason, something you don’t want to script? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were tools that got you started, and didn’t require you to know the secret incantations of a scripting language? We think that would be cool, too, so we thought we’d start working on it.

We’re excited to introduce a new library of Design Tools in the Component Browser.

Well… technically it’s a library of Design Tool for now… since there’s only one. This library’s initial offering is a Lambert Solver. We’ll add more as they’re developed, but we wanted to let you know about what’s there now. The Lambert Solver lets you:

  • Set initial and final states based on STK objects or central bodies.
  • Invoke specialized options to condition departure and arrival conditions.
  • Export an Astrogator sequence based on the Lambert solution.
  • Automate the process with STK Connect.

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