Catch COMSPOC at the Pre-ASCEND Online Summit

Join AGI's research arm, the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI), at this week's free pre-ASCEND online event, ASCENDxSummit: Space Policy and Education. Dan Oltrogge and T.S. Kelso will present their findings from a study during the Roadmap, Governance and Operational Demonstration of Space Traffic Coordination and Management track on October 21, 10-11:55 a.m. EDT. These findings will illustrate how fused space situational awareness (SSA) data enhances space traffic coordination and management (STCM) operations. 

The relevance of data fusion today

The panelists will share information on a potential Space Traffic Management (STM) policy roadmap, current STM global space governance, and the inherent challenges of SSA and STCM. Dan and T.S. will also discuss their recent STCM study on spacecraft positional accuracy, which ran from September 15 to September 30, 2020. The team first analyzed the required accuracy for a SSA product to be useful for collision probability threshold screening. They then compared that requirement to data collected from:

  • Two-line element sets (TLEs)
  • Special perturbations ephemeris
  • Operator predictions
  • Government, operator, and commercial SSA data processed with advanced commercial analytics and capabilities

After extensive testing and statistical assessments of spacecraft spanning LEO, MEO and GEO orbit regimes, the COMSPOC team found that fusing government, commercial, and satellite operator data with advanced data processing techniques results was key to achieving SSA information of sufficient quality to support flight safety assessments. This precision is essential to enabling comprehensive, timely, and accurate STM for all satellite operators. And the ability to fuse disparate datasets is possible today with COMSPOC.


Catch COMSPOC at the pre-ASCEND online summit.