Add mission-specific depth to STK's all-domain platform.

STK Specialized Modules augment STK in specific mission areas such as air, space, missile, and communications systems.

Related Products

STK Astrogator

Design high-fidelity spacecraft trajectories for mission planning and operations.

STK Aviator

Model real-world flight operations and aircraft performance.

STK Aviator Pro / Prop Nav

Add guidance strategies, rotorcraft models, and missile models to your STK Aviator repertoire.

STK Conjunction Analysis Tool (CAT)

Detect and assess potential collisions in space.

STK Distributed Simulation

Analyze distributed simulation data feeds in STK.


Model electro-optical and infrared sensor performance.

STK Missile Tool Kit

Simulate powered missile trajectories, intercept engagements, and defense system performance.

STK Optimizer

Solve complex problems with advanced optimization algorithms.

STK Parallel Computing

Increase compute performance for resource intensive analysis in STK.

STK Radar Advanced Environment

Model ground reflectivity in dynamic radar assessments.

STK Real-Time Tracking Technology

Analyze live or simulated real-time data feeds.

STK SatPro

Design and operate satellite systems with specialized propagators, attitude profiles, and satellite engineering tools.

STK Scheduler

Optimize task scheduling for any type of space system.


Model and simulate satellites and their subsystems.

STK Space Environment Effects Tool (SEET)

Add space environment variables to your orbit modeling and analysis.

STK Urban Propagation

Compute urban environment losses in RF communications.

STK Voyager

Planning and visualize rendezvous and proximity operations.

Product Images

Image from STK Aviator, F-35 JSF
Image from STK Missile Tool Kit, ICBM
Image from STK Optimizer, AGI