Enhance STK with advanced analysis features, integration capabilities, and terrain data and imagery.

The STK Systems Bundle pairs STK Professional edition with a collection of important add-on modules. These modules provide STK with mission-depth capabilities in several domains, enable automation and integration with other applications, and provide locally installed terrain data and imagery.

Modules in the STK Systems Bundle

STK Analysis Workbench

Create custom functions and calculations relative to times, positions, and reference frames.

STK Analyzer

Perform automated trade studies with the fully integrated analysis capabilities of ModelCenter®.

STK Communications

Model and analyze real-world dynamic RF and optical communications.

STK Coverage

Analyze and visualize your system performance anywhere in your coverage grid.

STK Integration

Automate Systems Tool Kit (STK) and integrate it with other applications to extend its capabilities.

STK Professional

The unrivaled digital mission engineering and digital mission operations platform.

STK Radar

Model and analyze radar systems.

STK Terrain, Imagery, and Maps (TIM)

Store terrain data, Earth imagery, and maps for offline access.


Calculate RF propagation loss over irregular terrain, and more.

Product Images

Image from STK Professional, AGI
Image from STK Radar, Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer
Image from STK Urban Communications, AGI