As an analyst, you have plenty of common ground with your fellows — no matter the discipline — when it comes to the biggest difficulties of your work. You have disparate data sources that rarely align seamlessly and separate software tools for each domain, each task, and each set of data. But how often is your analysis neatly confined to a single domain, task, or data set?

You can't afford to waste time working the tools instead of doing the work. Where you used to have days to analyze an event, now you have —at best — hours. And where you used to have hours, now you may only have minutes. You can't solve tomorrow’s problems, today, with yesterday’s technology.

Stop wondering when the old software you’re relying on will fail you, and what price you’ll pay when it does. With Ansys software, integrate all your data into a common environment, get the answers that your stakeholders need before they need them, and share what you learn with reports, graphs, and precise 3D visualization.

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Automate Systems Tool Kit (STK) and integrate it with other applications to extend its capabilities.

Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.

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