When it comes to space operations, you can forget about winging it. Space has become far too complex because of crowding, unanticipated activity, and the real possibility of an adversary deliberately acting against you. That trusty gray matter between our ears can synthesize disparate data sources and make some very educated guesses, but it’s not quick enough. What goes on in our heads is also constrained by our inability to transfer one person’s intuition to someone else. A human operator just can’t James T. Kirk this stuff anymore. You need to off-load data collection, fusion, and prediction and focus on courses of action.

AGI’s open architecture software platforms are designed to bring together data and create a common operating picture that is tailored to your decision space. Let our software figure out what’s happening so that you can stay focused on what to do about it.

Don’t stop there. Add specialized tools such as:

  • Rendezvous and proximity forecasts
  • Maneuver processing
  • Rendezvous and proximity operations mission planning

Enhance your battle management command-and-control decision space and stay ahead of you adversaries. AGI's software can augment and turbocharge your proprietary, single-function mission systems to keep your operations relevant

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