Level 3 - Summer School 2019

Join us for our virtual L3 summer school training!

The L3 STK Grand Master Certification Program consists of seven (7) tracks. You can choose the track based on your area(s) of expertise or interest. This summer, we are running a virtual training series that covers one (1) of the seven (7) tracks. This summer we are teaching the STK Space Environment track.

Each of the six (6) lessons required for this track will be taught in one to two hour long virtual training classes with a live instructor. AGI Engineers are on-hand to answer your questions in real time. You can join us for the entire series or only the classes of interest to get started on your certification. If you complete four (4) or more tracks, you can earn the title of STK Grand Master.


Track 7: Space Environment

This L3 Track teaches trainees how to evaluate the effects of the space environment on spacecraft including solar power generation, RF communications, and radiation.

Check out the full list of tracks to complete the Grand Master Cert.