Application Areas

AGI software applies to a wide range of problems for any land, sea, air and space systems. Thanks to our amazing customers, our technology has helped solve some pretty unique challenges that we never envisioned. The accuracy and flexibility of our 4D software environment coupled with its open API has shown that using our robust commercial technology leads to faster and better decisions for the aerospace industry’s most compex problems.

SatPro Vector Geometry Tool

Space Design

Design all aspects of your space mission for any type of orbit around any central body in any phase of the mission.

  • Orbit and constellation design
  • Power and fuel budgeting
  • Payload performance
  • Attitude modeling
  • Comm modeling
  • Space weather
  • Trade analyses and optimizations
  • Maneuver planning
  • Rendezvous and proximity operations
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ANIK Space Operations

Space Operations

Operate your mission with the complimentary tools used to design it for ultimate anomaly resolution and situational awareness.

  • Orbit determination
  • Maneuver planning
  • Scheduling
  • Space weather effects
  • Real-time visualization
  • Conjunction avoidance

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Land Sea Air and Space Capability


Create the only true multi-domain analysis and operating picture by fusing data from any data format, any units, or any coordinate systems in the past, present or future to determine the mission impact of all events.

  • Highly accurate vehicle modeling
  • Land, Sea, Air and Space
  • RF communications and radar modeling
  • Coverage and LOS
  • Collection planning
  • Real-time data visualization
  • CZML, GIS and KML analysis
  • Supports Model-Based Engineering
  • Integration with legacy systems
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UCLASS Stealth

Aircraft and UAV

Design aircraft and UAVs at the mission level while considering nontraditional limitations in the past, present and future.

  • Aircraft flight modeling
  • Formation flying
  • Navigational precision
  • Test and evaluation support
  • Radar and detection modeling
  • Dense traffic safety of flight analysis
  • Pre-flight planning
  • Real-Time visualization
  • Post-flight reconstruction
  • Terrain effects
  • RF communications
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Mission Modeling Missile Defense

Missile Systems

Design and model end-to-end complex missile defense systems in the past, present or future.

  • ICBM, mid-range, and theater models
  • Intercept analysis
  • Radar modeling
  • EOIR sensors
  • Flight and reentry modeling, including multiple RVs and all stages
  • RF communications
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STK is an extremely flexible desktop tool that can be used in these areas

Our Enterprise Solutions bring these capabilities for large implementations